Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lullwater Rd. Druid Hills “Estate Sale”

This was advertised as an estate sale but it was just your average yard sale. I headed over to Druid Hills when three ads were in the paper for sales here. But this sale turned out to be the only real sale in this upscale neighborhood. When I arrived I was delighted to see a Sousaphone lying in the grass in the front yard of this Druid Hills Manor. To me the site of a sousaphone in the grass is a magical harbinger that many strange things will appear at sales. Sadly this was not the case. But I did get my hopes elevated for the entire morning. Other not so remarkable items scattered about the yard of the manor included an espresso maker, a pitcher and mugs with petroglyphs on them, some towels, a brass bed and a large framed photo of Lake Louise. Books at this site included “Principles of Business Law”, Mathematics for All” and “300 new questions on the game of life” one of which was “if you had to ruin someone’s reputation who would it be and why?”
I bought nothing. The following day when Cindy saw the picture of the sousaphone she asked me why didn’t I buy it.

Seminole Ave.- Inman Park “Yard Sale”

A pile of clutter was on the yard and porch of this two story Victorian near Little 5 Points. Some larger items in the yard included a treadmill, some leather luggage, a computer desk and a cabinet that fit into a corner. Also in the driveway was a wheelbarrow filled with Easter decorations and a Trivial Pursuit game. On the porch was a plastic bin with two toy submachine guns and plastic police hats. There were a few boxes with books some titles including ”Spiritual Tourist”, “What would Betty do” and How to live with a Neurotic Dog”
I bought nothing.

Marlbrook Ave.- Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was right around the corner from my home. Piled in a large blue tarp in the front yard were several small movie screens, a pair of kneepads, a pool cue, a scanner Hello Kitty placements and three tiki heads. On a table were some books and paper items. A few of the books included “ Hollywood Babylon”, Sartre’s “Age of Reason”, “Dirty Jokes and Beer” and “How to do everything”. On the same table was a plastic case containing a collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards and a candle shaped like a distorted smiling octopus.
I bought nothing.

Wistera Dr. – Kirkwood “World’s Greatest Yard Sale/Super Duper Sale”

The hyperbole of the signs attracted me to this sale. But it was not exactly the greatest sale I have been to. Scattered in the front yard and driveway of this craftsman bungalow was an interesting but limited selection of clutter. At the end of the driveway was an aquarium large enough to use for a baptismal font in an evangelical church. Behind it was a normal ten-gallon aquarium filled with golf balls. Next to it was a set of golf clubs. Golf was a big thing here. One of the first books I saw was “How to play golf” another book was a guide to raising Piranha. Perhaps the golf balls had replaced the flesh devouring fish. Other books included “What do Dogs dream about”, “The Bread Machine Cookbook” and ‘Tofu Cookery”. There was also a small pile of Beanie Baby knockoffs called Beanie Boppers. . I presume these have even less value than the brand name deflated plush toys. On another table I found two boxes of a strange device called a Tea Boy. It appeared to be a mechanical penguin that you use to make tea by attaching a tea bag to the bird’s nose and then nose bobbed up and down dunking the teabag. Both boxes appeared to be unopened. There was also a large table covered in old copies of Golf Digest and Yoga magazines.
I bought nothing.

Beaumont St.- Decatur “Yard Sale”

The ad for this sale made it sound a lot bigger than it was. The layout of the goods in the front yard made it seem a lot bigger as well. But the bottom line was that there just wasn’t much of anything here when I arrived. There were a few big things here such as a refrigerator and an oven but the sale had no substance. Every thing from the framed prints to the tabletop items just seemed forgettable. In the half dozed boxes of books with pop novels each book seem indistinguishable from the other. A box of records was the same. I can barely remember being here.
I bought nothing.

Superior Ave Decatur “Yard Sale with treasures and antiques”

The treasures and antiques was a bunch of old wooden stuff not worth mentioning except for the lamp shaped like a squirrel. In the carport were far more interesting and cryptic items such as a framed quote from Kafka, several framed photographs of wolves, a heavy-duty extension cord and an old monitor for $15. The children of the home hovered around me asking me what I wanted to buy.
While I was there was the weather begun to turn weird.
A large cold gust of wind blew in and knocked over this strange large painting of a cat with a humanoid face.
I bought nothing

S. Westminister – Druid Hills “Estate Sale”

When I came to this cul de sac in this new infill development on the eastern fringe of Druid Hills I knew something was wrong. This new home did not look like a place already capable of having an estate sale. When I entered the home passing a sign indicating that it was a private residence I was sure something was wrong here. Inside were two rooms with what looked like some stock taken from Crate and Barrel. I tried to poke around this over clean private residence but they told me the only stuff for sale was in the front. This was yet another sham estate sale. Shame on these people. I will now know to stay away from any structures that have a private residence sign.

McLendon Ave – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Before I got to this sale strange dark clouds came in the temperature suddenly dropped then it started snowing and sleeting. Then in five minutes it was all over. When I got to this sale they seemed to be in shock and were moving the clutter from the open back yard to the safety of the front porch not knowing what to expect next from the forces of nature. Among the things I saw being moved were a life vest, some ice skates, a photo enlarger, a selection of wicker baskets, a 1983 Cat Calendar, a Cd entitled “Diet for all reasons and a VHS tape of “fasting can save your life”
I bought nothing.

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