Tuesday, April 19, 2005

McLendon Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Less than two blocks from my home I came upon this relatively small sale. At this home that seems to have at least one sale a year I found a pickup truck top with two window unit air conditioners resting atop it, a 60’s wedge shaped stereo console, a T-shirt saying “I’ve been good all year”, a guide to reptiles of North America and a switch plate featuring the image of a crucifix.
I buy nothing.

Iverson St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Only about three blocks away I was directed by sign to this sale in front of and on the porch of a 1920’s craftsman bungalow. Leaning against the wall in front was a massive 3 X4 foot photo tribute to Barbra Streisand. In a box nearby were two action figures still in the original boxes, one was Golem the other Harry Potter, there was also a figure of a humanoid yellow M&M sitting in a chair. Up on the porch a variety of stuff was on display including a large plush lizard, two rainbow colored slinkys, a set of hot wheels cars, a teapot shaped like a wigwam, some women’s clothing and an old cell phone. Some of the books included two copies of a Melissa Ethridge biography, and “How to make money on the information superhighway”
I buy nothing.

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