Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rocky Ford – Kirkwood “Awesome Yard Sale”

Using no gas I bicycle over to this lone Sunday sale. Here I find an extravaganza of dark delights. I am greeted in the driveway by a large framed print of Betty Page holding a whip, beyond that is a pile of plastic Halloween gadgets and a selection of wrought iron sconces and candlesticks. Further up the driveway I notice what appears to be a marionette of a Goth voodoo witch/dominatrix and a pair of plastic toy pistol holsters. No pistols are to be found. On the ground is a selection of tiki torches, a vinyl apron and several pairs of black platform heels. More normal stuff includes several VHS tapes of Bevis and Butthead, a pillowcase with the words “Dreaming of my prince”, some photo developing tanks, a red bowling ball and a disassembled ceiling fan.
I buy a framed print of an iridescent jungle scene. This is the last frame I need for my roadside memorial series. The series is set to show at Eyedrum next month.

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