Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This week was my Spring break. On Monday I took an Airtran flight to Tampa to bring home Cindy’s unsold art. With a minivan filled with art I made time to visit a few Florida attractions. In St. Pete I made a pilgrimage to the Panama Canal Museum in nearby Seminole. Then taking a side trip to central Florida I visited Lake Wales home of the Bok Tower and Spook Hill. The former, a majestic Gothic monolith standing on the highest summit on the peninsula has made a good recovery from the battering of three hurricanes in the in the past year. But for some reason the squirrels have gone nuts there as a rogue rodent attacked a visitor during my visit. Spook hill on the other hand was a disappointment. After spending 20 minutes following signs directing me one way or another to this center of gravity flux, I found I could not get my car to roll up the hill of mystery.
On Friday I made my way back to Atlanta where I found the city in bloom and awash in pollen and more yard sales than even I had time to go to.

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