Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spruce Ave. - Inman Park “Moving Sale”

Just a few blocks down was this larger sale in the parking lot of the lofts adjacent to the Inman Park Pool. As advertised in the AJC the sale featured a lot of picture frames, all quality frames but priced on the high side. Some more interesting stuff included a Tivo box, some hanging lights identified as coming from Pottery Barn, a Denon amplifier, a coffee grinder, and some paper mache fruit. Original art featured a large painting of a woman at the beach contemplating a shell and another of a face that appears on fire. Among the media here was a unopened two tape set of 20 years of CNN, “The purpose driven life”, “What should I do with my life”, “The right risks”, “Feng Shui made easy” and a bunch of old National Geographic magazines.
I buy nothing.

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