Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sexton Woods Dr.- Chamblee “Moving Sale”

While I saved gasoline staying near home this morning, in the afternoon Cindy and I ventured to the far reaches of Chamblee to visit the moving sale of my friend Wayne who is relocating back to Chicago. There were two issues I would have to deal with on this junket to a further neighborhood, first one feels obligated to buy something at a friends sale and secondly Cindy always buys something, especially things she regrets latter buying. The sale in the garage of Wayne’s swank l60’s lodge4 style home had been picked through when we arrived. The electronics were the main stay of the sale, but Cindy headed for the fish supplies. While Wayne was explaining that the old large format camera he was selling was legendarily the first camera allowed into Hawaii after the Pearl Harbor attack, Cindy was stacking up large pieces of coral. She then grabbed a Cuisinart ice cream maker that she said she would sell to Susie. Anyway while groups of Mexicans examined USB cameras and scanners, Cindy fantasized about what we could do with large pieces of coral in our living room.
By the time we got home Cindy had decided that she didn’t want the coral in the living room, and then latter found Susie did not want the ice cream maker. As I write Cindy is now preparing strawberry sorbet in the kitchen.

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