Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Norwood St. - Kirkwood “Far out Sale”, “Chic Shabby Cool sale”

Across the tracks but still less than a mile from home this sale again proves that Kirkwood has the best up and coming sales. In the middle of the yard next to a for sale sign is a large floor tom drum flanked by leather apparel. Next to the driveway is a large print of a Russian icon stuck into an old wooden window. Another framed item of interest in the driveway is a framed copy of the Desiderata
Some books here include “Be the person you love to find” “Mother Teresa”, a Frida Khalo bio, “Keeping the Love you find” and a blank book with “Reason is powerless in the expression of love” written across the cover. There is nothing written on the pages of the blank book. Other things scattered about include some pillows, two fireplace screens, a box of half burned candles, a coffee grinder
And a large box of empty plastic bottles.
I buy nothing.

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