Friday, November 25, 2005

Cornell Rd. - Emory "Estate Sale"

This estate sale opened on Thursday and I headed there after leaving work. The sale was inside a two-story mid-century traditional brick home. The home to my delight was filled with three floors and a garage of randomly disarranged clutter. Upon entering the household I headed up a narrow staircase past a framed photo of a Snark missile and several old prints of 19th century women to the second floor. In what may have been some sort of study I found a pile of old clothing and a collection of Lps strewn about the room. The recordings were mostly folk music by artist such as Richard Dyer and Josh White. There were also works by Tony Bennett and the Dave Clark 5 and album entitled Country and Western Jamboree and “Language of the Wolves”. Among the records was a cassette tape labeled “Pycnogenol Secrets”. In one of the many piles in the room I found a set of flash cards for the study of human bones. Some books kept on a narrow built-in bookshelf included “Z is for Zagreb”, “Getting Along in French”, “The Pleasure of Portrait Painting”, “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain” and “The Scroll Saw Handbook”. Other media strewn about included a 1992 program from the Florida Gentility Society, some old anti smoking phamphlets and VHS tapes of Cops and Felix the Cat.
In the floor out the hall outside the study were a microscope, a cribbage board and a collection of canes leaning against the wall.

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