Sunday, November 13, 2005

Harold Ave. - Lake Claire “Garage Sale

Near the intersection of Harold and McLendon I encountered a line of dirty and dusty clutter arrange on the sidewalk and in front of a garage. A number of framed prints leaned against a wall next to a large photo of the Ryman Auditorium was a drawing of Einstein. On the other side of the photo were three rusty frying pans. Nearly everything appeared to have been shut up in a damp basement or garage for a long time. An old cardboard box was filled with partially used bottles of body lotions and oils and soaps. The packaging was covered in mold. Next to the box was a selection of toothpaste not quite as decrepit but equally unsanitary looking. Outside the garage was a motorized scooter, golf clubs, old bikes, some splintered wooden lawn chairs, an old electric stove and three hard hats.
I bought nothing.

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