Friday, November 25, 2005

In the master bedroom I found a modern statue of the Virgin still in its original box and an empty violin case. In one cabinet was a rock collection stored in tithing envelopes from a Methodist church. In the same cabinet marked with a sign telling shoppers that there was "more for sale"was a stack of very old deposit slips from the Moultrie Banking Company. Books were also stacked around the bedroom. Among the reading material I found “The Catholic Digest Reader” “The Cat”, “Mysterious Cat Stories”, ”Cherish the Cat” and “1000 Beautiful Things”. In the bedroom closet full of men’s clothing I found chord books for the ukulele, a handmade ceramic snowman, old copies of Animation Magazine and a 1978 program for the Phoenix Cat Society of Atlanta.
In the other bedroom were two steam irons resting in a window and a complete bound set of the famous artist course. On the floor was a slide projector and a plaque from the Medical AV Society awarded for spot prevention. Having spent a portion of my life working in AV, I knew of the importance of spot prevention but never assumed there were awards for it. The plaque appeared to have a large spot on its marble surface. On the dresser were some slides of a black cat. Near the slides was a cypress knee.

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