Friday, November 25, 2005

The first floor of the home was in no better order than the other areas. In the kitchen I found the usual assortment of glass wear and cooking utensils. On one counter was a set of Popeye glasses complete with a pitcher depicting other Popeye characters. Aside from a few cans of vegetables most of the food offered for sale consisted of a multitude of packages of Jiffy Pop. On a small table near the kitchen were several bottles of unpriced hard liquor including an opened fifth of Johnny Walker Red. Nearby was a figurine of a nun playing a cello. Books were scattered among the first floor rooms. Some titles I found included “Pythons”, “Manual for Bacterial Fungal and Parasitic Reagents”, “Guns of the World”, “She Goes to War”, ”Rational Recovery”, ”Snakes as Pets” “The Rover Boys at College” a 1989 PDR and “The Art and Science of Taking to the Woods”
Other random stuff on that floor included a pile of sheet music, a figure of a confederate soldier with a missing head, a 1927 baby book, more slide trays, a carving of three alligators and a very large terrarium.

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