Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fairview Ave. - Druid Hills “Yard Sale

This large sale extended from the front yard down the driveway and into the backyard of a handsome Tudor mansion. I had a difficult time trying to figure out how most of this stuff had gotten to this elegant home site. A wide variety of stuff was piled onto tables lining the driveway. On them I found two framed collections of nautical knots neatly tied and labeled, a brass pineapple, a print of a Henri Rousseau jungle scene, a Cher doll with a special featured that allowed one to lengthen or shorten her hair, a Sonny doll with no such feature, a skull mask, a large framed print of two children wearing cowboy hats and kissing and a pair of painted ostrich eggs. On the ground I found a large ceramic statue of a boy with puppies at his feet, an outboard motor, two electric trolling motors, a manikin arm, a canoe, a child’s scooter, boxes of ball jars, bags of Mardi Gras beads, a duck made of straw and several gasoline cans. In front of the garage were over a dozen old hard liquor boxes filled with old Lps and 78s. There seemed to be no order to the way the collection was packed. A few die-hard vinyl fans were shuffling thought the cardboard boxes. Most contained highly forgettable albums. Among some the titles there was “Shell’s Wonderful World of Music” “The Musical Sea of Tranquility” Korla Pandit’s “Tropical Magic” Jimmy Swaggart’s “This is just what Heaven means to me”, and “The Warm Sounds of Country Music”. The 78’s were in dreadful shape. Some of the 78 Albums were water damaged making the cover art barely discernable. One appeared to be a Bozo recording and another about a Talking Train.
In the front yard I found a gigantic stein, a box of fireworks, a commemorative mug for Queen Elizabeth’s silver jubilee, the front bumper of a pick up truck and several books on origami. While departing I noticed posted on the fence was a sign that advertised a perfect Bidjam carpet, lying on the curb next to it was a discarded ceiling fan and several old vacuum cleaners for anyone that wanted them.
I bought nothing.

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