Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tuxedo Ave. - Lake Claire “Estate Sale”

I was delighted to find this inside-the-house estate sale so close to my home. Three desks lined the walkway to the front door of this Tudor home. At the door I was greeted by a partially disassembled walker, which I always believe to be a harbinger of great finds. Inside the house was barer that I had hoped. The living room was nearly empty aside from a few shelves that held figurines of angels and animal headed figures. On the floor I found an embroidered framed image of an antique washbowl. Most of the other rooms in the three-story structure were equally empty. On the floor of one bed room I found a small collection of books with religious themes including “ Who’s Who in the New Testament”, “Who’s who in the Old Testament”, “Mending your heart in a broken world”, “God’s Smuggler”, a very thin concordance and a biography of Bess Truman. Another box in the same room was filled with old family photos as well as a photo album. Atop the box was a pair of ceramic praying hands.
In another bedroom I found two hand bells, a box of old gift wrap, some candle sticks and one of those auto organizers that they have been selling at the sales on McLenden for the past two years. (See Archives Oct 04 and Oct 05)
The upper floor was equally sparse with two bare twin beds dominating the entire second floor area. On a shelf was a scrapbook entitled with stick-on letters proclaiming “Thelma Jackson this is your life”. Upon opening the book I found a 1962 press clipping on a production of Annie get Your Gun at Bass High School. Near the scrapbook was a strange toy wagon with a ducks head and some Korean script on the side, on the shelf above it was a porcelain figure of a pair of German Shepards with gloves in their mouths. On another shelf I found a box of foot warmers called “Sole Salvation”.
In the basement I found almost nothing but on my way out I did encounter yet another set of praying hands.
I bought nothing.

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