Friday, November 10, 2006

McCurdy Dr.- Medlock “Yard Sale”

This is the furthest I’ve been from the in-town sales I normally visit for some months. Regardless I was still not outside the perimeter. But this event did have a much different feel. Most of the stuff here was in a massive garage/storage building behind a small one-story home. The building was deceptive from the exterior for inside it was huge. It was also very clean and well lit inside perhaps these Medlockians are taking notes from the Inman Village dwellers. The orderly arranged contents inside the storage building were stunning in their boredom. The more I looked the less I saw. Some reading matter there included “Haunted Mesa” “Before He Wakes”, “Fallen Idols”, “The Restless Dead” and “Tara Road”. A few things did stand out such as a lamp constructed from a spool of rope and a painting of a female clown. After seeing the clown picture I tried to determine if the clown was one of the women hosting the sale. Even Cindy though this sale was boring. We both bought nothing.

Real clown of seller dressed as clown - you decide.

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