Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday 11/18/2006

Harold Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was on the in the yard and on the curb of a nearby street. Among the stuff gathered together was a table filled with promotional plush Chihuahuas put out a few years back by a Taco chain. Below the miniature dogs was a selection of buttons with slogans that included “What Has Reality Done for Me?”, “I am a monster”, “Atlanta is dying slowly”, “Searching for someone who is not threatened by a remarkable woman” and “Stressed out”. On another table was a container of novelty Pimp Daddy body detergent, a silver menorah, a kit for learning to play the piano overnight and a costume derby. On another table was a ceramic dog placed before a computer monitor like some post modern Nipper of the digital era. Strangely it had an antiquated feel since it was a CRT monitor. On some shelves I found the following books - Normal Family Processes”, “Mysteries of the Unexplained”, “Deviant Behavior”, “A Place I’ve Never Been”, “God on a Harley”, ”Lesbian Sex”, “Considering Parenthood”, “Having Your Baby By Donor Insemination” and “Man Woman and Child”.
On the ground I found a body massage box gift set, a Gauguin print and some sporting equipment.
I bought nothing.

A Nipper for the cyber age?

Table filled with promotional plush miniature canines.

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LLA said...

I so wish I had made this sale - your description of the loot offered up is fab!