Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kirkwood St. – Kirkwood “Yard Sales”

Here were two larger sales in adjoining yards. One of the sales had opened the prior week and I had visited it sans camera while biking through the neighborhood. That sale appeared not to be a true empty the house yard sale but a strange collection of assorted clutter from who knows where.
Scattered about and one several tables were all manner of party decorations, a massive pool flotation device, some old furniture, boxes of brightly colored popsicle sticks, boxes of dirty plush animals, board games, garish faux flowers, crutches and hula hoops.

Box with popcycle sticks.

Massive flotation device in Kirkwood yard.

Festive party items on sale.

The yard next store was a bit more organized and it appeared the clutter there was actually housed in the brick Greek revival home that it was in front of. Here I found old mugs, old lamps, a tangle of Xmas lights, a broken Celestine Sibley sculpture, a door mat with the image of a largemouth bass, a wicker duck, a plaque that said “grace” and a portrait of Jesus nestled between two pillows on a modern dinning room chair.
I bought nothing.

Duck and grace.

Chair with icon.

Sportfishing door mat.

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