Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Callan Cir – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

On this crowded street near my home I found a yard packed with assorted clutter. As I approached the yard I was greeted by a overly groomed and overly excited tiny dog standing on a baby basinet. In the yard two women were making deals with early morning shoppers and watching over a diverse mixture of clutter in their front yard.
Among the stuff there was a plush lion rug, an assortment of large billiards’ trophies, a selection of toys, a clock with and image of Sid Vicious, a small figurine of Santa playing pool, two baby strollers and a hockey stick. On the ground and on a table was a large selection of black punk t-shirts. A selection of well-worn jeans was arrayed on a tarp along with a selection of caps.
On some plastic shelves were books. Some of the titles included juvenile works by Avi, Roald Dahl and Louis Sachar. Adult reading included “Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft”, “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, “Teen Witch Kit”, “Stress In the Family”, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, “Living on the Ragged Edge”, “Georgia Motorcycle Operator Manual” and “What Happens When Women Pray”
I bought nothing.

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