Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hemlock St. – Ormewood Park “Moving Sale”

Craigslist mentioned a large sale in Ormewood Park so I headed south on Moreland. At Hemlock was a moderate assortment of clutter in the driveway and front porch of a large bungalow. The stuff was watched over by two couples sitting in the shade of the porch. Among the stuff there was women’s clothing, some small rugs, some assorted cooking utensils and a few CDs. In a stack of books were “Sling and the Stone”, “Undaunted Courage”, “Dummies Guide to Puppies” and “The Book of the Film and The Story of My Life”. A few VHS tapes included copies of “Spinal Tap”, “Vision Quest” and “When a Man Loves a Woman”.
I also saw a large rag doll, a pair of rollerblades, some Indian batiks and a small cute figurine of a girl in a graduation gown.
I bought nothing.

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