Thursday, August 17, 2006

McCoy St. – Decatur “Yard Sale”

This sale was in a portion of Decatur tucked away behind Agnes Scott College. At the entrance to the sale was a guitar case leaning against the mailbox of this small frame bungalow. On the curb was a box of VHS tape of popular films from a dozen years ago and a two tape set of CNN’s leading story’s of their first 20 years. In the yard was a bowling ball an old 16mm film projector, what appeared to be a non-working laptop, a plastic bin with caps and small American flags and a selection of books. Among the books was “The Outlaw Cook”, “The Fire in All Things”, “The Pegasus Secret”, “Secrets of the Code” and “The Art of War”. On the porch was a rack of women’s clothing and purses hanging from the ceiling.
I bought nothing.

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