Thursday, August 17, 2006

Saturday 08/12/06

Sign amid tissue box covers on E.Lake Dr.


maridon said...

Hey! I enjoy looking at your site from time to time. I love the word ephemera, heard it here and am adding it to my lexicon. I was noticing this summers' yard sales seem especially pitiful. Most of this stuff should be burned! What on earth are people thinking when they put out an old box of wax, or used personal product of some sort to sell? What kind of sad person would actually buy what is in essence someone else's trash? What kind of person thinks a worn out bikini is of any value at all? Does this type of person think they are so great that any old rotten thing, having been pre-owned by them, would become an object of someone else's desire to part with their hard earned cash? Just thinkin'...

Julia said...

Hi! I love your site and just stumbled across it. This is hysterical! I see we have the same illness.

I'd love to write about your site in an upcoming issue of my free newsletter, which u can find at the site

Would love a link back to me, if u feel up to it! :) But not necessary.

Great to "meet" you!