Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Saturday 7/29/06

A heat wave has enveloped the United States and this city is not exempt. Yes it is too hot to spend the day in yards filled with clutter so I make a quick survey of what’s nearby before the hellish heat of midday comes.

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David said...

Hi Tom,

I have been doing research on yard sales and I ran across your site. You seem to be quite the expert on the subject. I am trying to start a totally free yard sale listing website because I have found that almost all of the existing ones tend to be ugly and hard to use.

The website is

Since you are much more of an expert than myself, I was wondering if you had any insights on how to spread the word to yard salers about the free site. ( The site isn't very useful if no one is posting listings ;-) So far I am thinking flyers at swap meets or just walking around to yard sales and talking to people. If you had any comments on the usability of the site I would appreciate that as well.

Thanks for any time and ideas you can provide,

Best Regards,

David Dear
Big Flamingo Website