Thursday, August 17, 2006

Claire Dr. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I could tell this sale was dreadful from the car window. Here was a meager collection of large plastic children’s things lining the driveway of this brick Tudor home. At the end of the driveway were an old TV and a computer monitor. Nearly everything else was kids stuff including a used potty training seat. I quickly departed buying nothing.

E.Lake Cir. – Oakhurst “Huge Sale”

The sale was not as huge as the many signs in the area indicated but the fenced in yard of this Craftsman bungalow was covered in clutter. On the porch of this home were two old ovens ranges with an acoustic guitar resting on top. Near the ovens was an accordion in its case. Also on the porch were a cordless phone, a camcorder and a large old wooden pup organ. Strewn about the yard was a box of chinaware, a collection of children’s books, some women’s clothing, some small vases, an armchair holding a two Plexiglas framed prints of stylized women, a box filled with neckties, a abstract print of a cat, a framed still from a Fellini film and among some planters and tissue box covers a hand painted sign that said “American Christians: prophets or profits?”

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