Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hampton Terr. – Lake Claire “Moving sale”

I was surprised to find this outside and inside the house sale at a new infill McMansion just off Dekalb Ave. Most of the stuff here appeared to be what one would expect of McMansion fodder. The outside stuff was in the driveway in front of the garage. Here I found a red pillow the said “Bad Girl”, a VHS tape on buying houses for no money down, an air compressor, an unopened bag of decaf coffee, an refill box of paraffin wax, and a large expensive looking inflatable boat. Two interesting figures in the driveway were a white plaster elephant and a multi colored ceramic figure of a headless reclining woman. In the garage were a number of autographed football helmets in Plexiglas show cases but I was not sure that these were for sale. The inside of the house was quite boring with only a selection of oversized furniture, a few kitchen items and some neon beer signs.
I bought nothing.

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