Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fairview Dr. - Druid Hills “Mega Yard Sale”

The location and advertising on every utility pole in Candler Park drew me to this event. I was disappointed when I found it to be a rerun of a sale held earlier in the summer. But there were a few new things in the yard of this large traditional brick manor house. The best find was a Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit. The box proclaimed it was an “enjoyable third trimester activity for the entire family”. The kit was unopened and one of the sellers did appear to be with child. Perhaps she had some other family activities planned for the third trimester. Other stuff scattered about included some handkerchiefs with names embroidered on them (Josephine, Cathy, Mabel), a small bodied travel guitar, a laptop computer that the seller said “needed work”, a large pair of Advent speakers, a ceramic Buddha, a pile of tote bags and an unassembled ceiling fan. A few books here included “Reading Lolita in Tehran”, “River of No Return”, “Historic Hotels of America”, “How to Make the Most of Every Media Appearance” and “The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash”
I bought nothing.

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