Thursday, April 26, 2007

Candler St. – Candler Park “Estate Sale”

When I approached this home I heard a shopper blurt out “Its almost all gone”. I did not even know there was an estate sale going on in Candler Park and it must have started at least a day beforehand. Inside this turn of the century home I found that most of the rooms had been emptied of their contents. What was left might have indicated what was taken. In the living room I found a shelf of videotapes with a sign on a box saying “Star Trek on VHS”. Another shelf held a wooden cat, a stained glass icon and a small ceramic snowman. On the floor were a projection screen, a fax machine and an electric fan. In what may have been a dining room I found a few collector prints of characters from Gone with the Wind, some small picture frames, a fabric Mammy doll and a framed photograph of the Houses of Parliament.
The kitchen still had an assortment of cookware but on the back porch I found two colossal sauté pans with three-foot handles and cooking surfaces nearly the same distance across.
In a room in the back of the home was a massive stack of board games among them I found anti-Monopoly, Lie Cheat and Steal, Columbo, Class Struggle and Black Box.

On the front porch I found piles that buyers had assembled on them in. The piles were marked with signs indicating the buyer. In Sabra’s pile I saw a slide rule, a Turkish coffee set, a Guinness sign, a mortal and pestle and three Stations of the Cross. A more anonymous pile simply marked “someone’s pile” contained a Pachinko machine, another mortal and pestle and a tree limb lopper.
I bought nothing.
Pile of games.

Icon in front of window in empty room.

A pile marked sold.

Candler St. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale was small and the epitome of quaint. From the hand painted sign on the white picket fence, to the selection of kitchen items, wicker things and toys. On top of this there was the added attraction of a fresh-faced toddler playing an accordion. If you were seeking something to buy this was a lousy sale, if you were Norman Rockwell wannabe looking for something to paint this was the place to be.
I bought nothing.

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