Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oakland Ave. – Grant Park “Moving Sale”

This sale in the north end of Grant Park was domestic and family oriented. On the street in front of a large craftsman bungalow was a jumble of children’s and baby items, some house wares and some clothing. On a table was a bag of sugar cookie mix, some xmas decorations, a few candles, a pair of silvers vases and a novelty bottle of soap that carried the name “Wash Away Your Sins”. On another table was an open bag of disposable diapers and a disassembled ceiling fan. On a third table I found an ionic shoe deodorizer, some candles and a book on Poker. A third table was covered in a variety of audio components. Some books found here included “Jane Austen Book Club”, “Body of Evidence”, Digital Fortress”, “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet”, “Miss Julia Takes Over” and “The Fresh Guide to St. Petersburg”. On a tarp on the ground were more clothes and a large handmade broom.
I bought a denim shirt for one dollar.
Another disassembled ceiling fan.

Seller poses with large broom to sweep clear the clutter.

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