Thursday, April 19, 2007

Glenwood Ave. – Grant Park “Yard Sale”

Here I found two sales side by side. When I arrived I found the sellers in front of the first home placing what appeared to be the top of a pagoda in their yard. They said it once topped a cabinet they no longer owned. Scattered around this yard was an assortment of Halloween decorations. A skeleton hung from a real estate company’s for sale sign in the front of the home. On the porch I found some hardbound copies of novels by Tom Clancy, John LeCarre and Elmore Leonard and a copy of “The New Pastry Cook”. I also found a bread-maker, a heavy brass obelisk, a miniature oil derrick, some luggage and a pair of bunny ears. The sale next door offered less stuff. In the yard was a BBQ grill and on the sidewalk was a large wooden stand up of a grinning alligator. I took it to be some sort of University of Florida thing that I did not understand. In the yard a large dog chewed on a pair of boots that were for sale.
I bought nothing.
Holiday mixture for sale.

Pagoda like furniture topper.

University of Florida decor being divested.

Large dog eyes boots for chewing.

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