Thursday, April 26, 2007

Euclid Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

The sign said yard sale but this looked like devastation. This event was in front of a stone church near Little Five Points. The sellers were the operators of a children’s shelter in the church. Spread about the premises was a tangle of bicycles, a confused pile of art, damaged furniture, industrial kitchen equipment, dreary looking plush toys and an assembly of high chairs. I wandered about through this maze of debris. One of the sellers then cornered me and told me they were abandoning this site because there were too many homeless around little five points. She then began a diatribe that blasted the politics of the Candler Park pool association and explained why voodoo was responsible for Hurricane Katrina. While I was talking to her one of the children who was possibly in her care told me about the stray kittens somewhere in the church and if I wanted one of them.
I considered looking for one of the kittens but was afraid the woman would never stop talking to me. I bought nothing.

Religious imagery among the debris.

Array of high chairs.

Tangle of children's bikes.

Art found in the confusion.

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