Thursday, April 19, 2007

McLendon Ave. – Candler Park “Multi Family Yard Sale”

I don’t know how many families were involved but this sale appeared to have been organized by several women living in this homely apartment building on McLendon Ave. Greeting customers at the entryway was a bald and handless female manikin wearing a dress and a set of butterfly wings. The entire front lawn of the building was covered in clutter. Strewn across a number of tables were coffee makers, glass cookware, a dish made into a clock, a multitude of small frames, some darkroom equipment, rolls of gift wrap and a bowl or ashtray shaped like a large fedora. There were several racks of women’s clothing, some ballet trophies, a purse the said I heart Bingo and a brass mouse. In one corner a seller had set up four Styrofoam heads to model hand made head bands she was selling. Against a wall rested a black velvet painting of a unicorn. In on box old playboys from the 1970’s were offered for sale. In some other boxes were some books including “Grow Younger, Live Longer”, “Miss Patches Learn to Sew Book”, “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions”, “Best New Erotica #5”, “Eat More Weight Less’, “The Three Hour Diet” and “Driven to Distraction”. While I was there a Marta driver stopped her bus blocking all traffic behind her and asked how much the manikin was selling for. It wasn’t for sale. I bought nothing.

Head bands on display.

Artwork found on McLendon Ave.

Selection of clothing in front of apartments.

Two sellers model their wares.

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