Thursday, April 26, 2007

Washita Ave. – Inman Park “Yard Sale”

Over in Inman Park I felt life had again returned to normal. Here I found a young woman with two chairs and a bright red sofa in her yard a small selection of stuff on the porch of her turn of the century bungalow.
Among the stuff of her porch was a table covered in various fabrics (she said she sews for a living) a rack of women’s clothing and some kitchen-wares. On the floor of the porch were some hand made pillows with religious images on them. I bought nothing.

Seller holding soft art object with religous imagery.

Highland Ave. - Inman Park “Yard Sale”

A large prop tree dominated this sale with purses hanging from it. Aside from the tree there was not a lot here, a bathroom sink, a model of an old time baseball stadium and a globe. While I was there two women bought a large tub of Lincoln Logs.
I bought nothing.

Happy buyer with Lincoln Logs.

Powell St. –Cabbagetown “Yard Sale?”

This sale was advertised in Craigslist, but had not sign and there was almost no merchandise there. In the front driveway were a few chairs and some planters. One of the regular yard sale mavens drove up while I was there and the seller brought out a large brass planter and asked the yard sale visitor how much should he ask for the planter.
I bought nothing but admired the minimalism of the event.

Harold Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

The signs for this sale said, “Everything’s free”. This was true, but it wasn’t really a sale, just a bunch of old computer stuff in someone’s driveway. No one was there and no one except myself was even slowing down to look at the stuff. A sign on the garage door said not to remove the for sale sign on the house.

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