Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wylie St. – Cabbagetown “Yard Sale”

Sales in Cabbagetown are never mundane. Perhaps it’s the character of this old mill village with tiny front yards coupled with the clutter placed there by the artsy denizens of this neighborhood. The initial unique encounter here was a large dog sleeping next to one of those robot vacuums and a pile of day-glo bright pillows and toys. Across the yard from this were shelves full of wigs of all sorts of unnatural colors. On the shelf a sign proclaiming “Buy a wig be someone else for a day”. On table I found a selection of toys and anime style action figures. Nearly everything here was bright and colorful even the books. In a box I found “A History of Costume”, “Love in Vein”, “Spice Girls – Spice World”, “Idiot’s Guide to Photography Like a Pro”, “Pamela Anderson- Star”, “Bad Cat”, “Inside the Fashion Business” and copies of Naruto 1 –5, graphic novels in Japanese”.
When I asked the seller to pose with something she grabbed a pair of thigh high vinyl boots with six-inch heels and stood in front of her frame bungalow holding them. Other stuff scattered around the yard included a witches hat, a pirate costume, a painting of a wine bottle, a pair of plush pandas and a copy of the Sex and the City trivia game.
I bought nothing.

Pandas and other plush on Wylie Ave.

Wigs that can make you someone else.

Seller shows off boots no longer needed.

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