Friday, July 08, 2005

Desmond Dr. - Emory “Estate Sale”

This sale was still in progress but when I entered the mid century ranch house I found that most of the doors had tape over them. Nearly everything in the home either dealt with clothing or drinking. The floor of the one bedroom that was open was nearly covered in shoes. The living room had racks of women’s clothing and more shoes. A table contained an orderly array of neatly folded men’s dress shirts. Under the table was a row of old suitcases used for carrying all this clothing. On the wall looming over the clothing were two portraits of children. Drinking items were in the den and living room. In those rooms I found tables covered with tumblers and stemware. There were two unopened bottles of drinking water, a set of Budweiser coffee mugs a collection of swizzle sticks, a selection of decanters and several other vessels made to hold potable liquids. There were a few other items including a Jacuzzi pump and traction kit. Among the few books was “Grossman’s guide to spirits, wine and beer”.
I bought two empty photo albums for 25 cents each.

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