Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ivy St. – Lake Claire “Fantastic Sale”

This sale was also presided over by a woman. Here I found a Gary Kasparov Chess training kit. The training kit consisted of an electronic chess set and a book with Kasparov’s image on it. I presume the board spoke and made sarcastic comments in broken Russian on any move one makes. Other stuff there included a paraffin spa for hands and feet, hair curlers, a personal; massager, a romantic massage kit, a coffee maker, a souvenir hair clip from the Daytona speedway, a detox in a box kit, a string of faux garlic and pinon incense. Media included a VHS tape labeled “Cuban missile crisis special” and a book entitled “Wake up I’m fat” There was also an unopened box of St. Patrick’s Day cards”
I bought nothing.

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