Sunday, July 24, 2005

Seminole Ave. – Inman Park “Yard Sale”

This sale offered marked contrast to the prior event. On the roof on a large craftsman bungalow was a bed sheet with the words "yard sale" on it large enough to be seen by passing helicopters. Here the entire front yard was covered in clutter. In the yard no less than three camping tents were erected and for sale. One was sold and taken down while I was there. In the middle of the yard was a massive collection of used golf balls piled into various boxes. A great selection of books and records took up a quarter of the yard. Among the titles were “Don’t know much about geography”, "When do fish sleep?”, "Do animals dream?” “Dictionary of pronunciation of artists names” and “Cooking in the Mississippi”. Among the children’s books was an assortment of Captain Underpants novels. Found among the recordings was a 45 album of the Firehouse 5 plus 2 and two 78 Albums by Dorothy Shay and the Park Ave. Hillbillies. Mixed in with the media were boxes of old House and Garden magazines from the 1960’s as well as old National Geographics. Other stuff scattered about the yard included a Chinese wind up toy of people playing ping pong, a gingerbread house kit, an inflatable strange looking yellow mustached figure called a Bop-it, a box of beanie babies, a small microscope, a bag of plastic eye patches, a Sponge Bob steering wheel cover and a boxed copy of Chaos software. On the street outside the sale was a box marked free. It contained some geometric forms made from popcycle sticks
I bought nothing.

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