Sunday, July 24, 2005

Linwood Ave. - Poncy Highland “Yard Sale”

When I left the sale on Seminole the day was beginning to get extremely hot. When I arrived at this small sale on the porch of a house not far from Ponce De Leon the climate was unbearable. The seller looked hot and I could barely focus on what was being sold. She told me that all the Xmas CDs were free. It seemed difficult to even consider any thing that had to do with that holiday in this heat. I was enen too hot to take notes. All I can remember was a combination Xmas and Tabasco necktie, some women’s clothing and a monitor priced at 5 dollars.
I bought nothing.

Fairview St. Druid Hills “Garage Sale”

At least this sale was in the shade. But I was still dazed by the heat as I entered this sale through the porte-cochere of this classic brick Tudor home. The first thing I encountered were two books by Rush Limbaugh and a biography of William F. Buckley. Other clutter there included some old vacuum cleaners, a cordless phone, some 3M board games and an unassembled plastic model of a piper aircraft. On a table was a selection of barware from the Ritz next to it was a framed copy of the serenity prayer.
I bought nothing.

Maxwell St. – Oakhurst “Moving Sale”

At this sale the sellers well all properly outfitted in lightweight straw hats. I did not have a hat so I had to watch out for heat stroke. A large selection of stuff was assembled in the front yard of a well-kept two-story frame home. Among the items were crutches, a pillow in the shape of a Perrier bottle, night vision goggles and a lot of graphic arts software manuals. In the shade of the porch I found books on dealing with chronic pain and improving ones sex life. On a table was a selection of Indian jewelry from the southwest and native made baskets from the Darien. On the ground spread out on plastic tarps was a collection of antique large tools with sharp blades and points. The most out of place object was a down parka making kit. In this heat the site of the down made one want to drink from the Perrier shaped pillow.
A bought a copy of “The Pillow Book” a collection of old Asia erotic art for one dollar. I hope to sell it on Ebay.

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