Sunday, July 24, 2005

Two weeks ago I contacted a friend who lives in Norcross to see if she was interested in helping me explore the Yard Sale scene in Gwinnett County. Her retort was that it was too hot to go to sales in July. I did not question her lack of enthusiasm but this week I decided it is too hot to go to sales. Especially now as a stagnant high pressure system sits over most of the nation bringing temperatures in to the mid 90’s in Atlanta. I went to sales anyway but found I became overheated in the process and had to end my expedition around 11 AM.

Whiteford Ave. - Edgewood “Garage Sale”

This sale was in the two-car garage of a massive infill home in Edgewood a block from the Marta station. This type of McMansion seems to be the result of big box stores being built in once iffy neighborhoods. The builders at least had the decency to construct the double garage behind the home so that neighbors would not have to face a line of garage doors housing SUVs. Approaching the sale I passed a 2003 big Toyota for sale in the driveway next to it was a large camping tent set up for buyer’s inspection. The goods inside the garage were what one would expect from such a manor. Here two men watched over a collection of barely used sporting and athletic goods that included skis, a snowboard, a strength-training bench, a basketball hoop and various rackets. Also on display was a set of large speakers, a large framed photo of Yellowstone falls, and a small television, some CDs and a bobbing head figure of Clay Aiken. Overall everything looked very clean and most of the stuff looked like it had never been used.
I bought nothing.

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