Sunday, July 24, 2005

Moreland Ave. - Inman Park “Multifamily Sale”

This sale was in the garage of a condo development built a few years ago next to Freedom Park. I drove into the small driveway and parked behind a new Saab 95 with a “Who is John Galt” and “Don’t Tread on me” bumper sticker. In the back window was one of those stylish looking W stickers that they made for Republicans who felt the Bush Cheney stickers clashed with the styling of their expensive cares. At the sale I found a small assortment of very new and very clean goods spread out in the driveway and garage. Among the stuff was a leather sofa, a paper shredder, a set of golf clubs and two electric fans. There were also two of those backpack picnic sets. Both sets appeared unused. These are starting to be one of the most common unused items at sales. I’m starting to believe no one has ever used one of these sets anywhere.
I bought nothing.

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Carl said...

I wish you had included a picture of the stylish looking W sticker. We in the Orient have never seen one.