Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today I've notice that far more women seem to sell their belongings more than men. The chances of finding men's clothing at a sale appear to be one forth of finding women's clothing. Women also do not seem to mind to give up things that men would find revealing about their lives. Perhaps the letting go of sexual instruction manuals, personal massagers and erotic dice is a cathartic act for women a way of letting to or perhaps they feel that ridding them selves of this clutter is a rite of passage and selling it in public gives them a sense of ascendancy.

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park "Family Yard Sale"

At first inspection this did appear as advertised with children's bicycles, piles of toys and boxes of juvenile media spread out in the front yard of this home and watched over by two women. Yet when I examined things closer I found a VHS copy of "Better Sex through Yoga" and "Surviving Teenage Pregnancy". In one of several boxes of books I came across several books on witchcraft, not your standard Candler Park Earth/Fem/New Age Magick works but titles such as "Cotton Mather on Witchcraft". Other items were mundane and perplexing at the same time such as the VHS based game "Nightmare" and a kit for making microscope slide from brine shrimp. Also puzzling was why were all the men’s shirts so wrinkled? But the three ceiling fans splayed out on the lawn gave this all an edge of everyday reality.

Clifton Rd. - Candler Park "Yard Sale"

This small sale was set up on the front porch and steps of a 1920’s wooden bungalow. A woman who appeared in her 30’s watched over the assembled goods. Among the items there were CDs of cajun Christmas music, a pack of “52 Cheap Date Cards”, an Andre the Giant, bobbing head figure, a voodoo revenge kit and a plush bear and frog. Among the books were several titles on ballroom dancing, “Prescription for Joy” and “Conversation Piece”. One of the conversation pieces in the latter work was “If you could add anything interesting to an elevator what would you add?” One item was a clear plastic bag on the porch with the label “Bachelorette Kit”. Among the items in the kit was a pair of glow in the dark erotic dice. Each side of the dice bore either a body part name or an action word. The pair facing me read lick-toe..
I bought nothing.

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