Friday, July 08, 2005

The weekend before The Fourth of July holiday is sort of a midsummer dead zone for yard sales. A lot of people are out of town and a lot of people think it’s too hot to hold a sale. In addition many signs people had posted on Friday were eradicated by the intense rains of that evening.
I gave up early trying to find anything around here.

Oakdale Rd. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

The only real sale I stopped at was in the driveway of a old bungalow. There was not a great deal of stuff for sale. Among the books several titles on home schooling. There was also yet another copy of the Journal of Abundance that I keep seeing. This one like all the others had no entries in it.
There were also shoes, a Christmas village and a selection of toys.
I bought nothing.

I drove by my friend Terry’s home who I encountered in front of my house last week pulling a lamp from a junk pile. She was having yet another sale. The lamp was there as well as the globe and xylophone I had seen in her truck that morning.

Dennis Coburn told me he was having another yard sale at his property in Kirkwood. He also left a message that there was a roadside memorial for a dog on Clifton Rd. Since my show last month people keep calling me to tell me where memorials are. I was able to photograph that was well as the yard sale sign in one shot. I later dropped by the sale but Dennis had already departed leaving a lot of old stuff out in the heat of the July sun.

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