Wednesday, May 17, 2006

5/13/06 Accumulation vs Documentation

I’ve discovered gathering the materials for my show at The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center is negatively affecting my enjoyment of my weekend addiction. Over the last two months I have accumulated nearly two rooms of clutter for this show. Actually having to look for specific items is working against the freedom I have enjoyed since I began this journal. Two years ago I seldom bought anything, didn’t worry about what I encountered or what things were priced. I wondered carefree from sale to sale, taking as much or as little time as I wished. I appreciated the mundane as well as the unique, I took photographs and made notes. Now only a month away from the shows opening I am dragging my self from sale to sale spending cash and hauling piles of junk back to my home. I have lost the use of my guest bedroom, the shed in back of my home is at capacity and today I pushed the situation over the edge. While putting together this show is a challenge, simply documenting my encounters with clutter was far more relaxing.


Marcus said...

Where in ATL do you live and do you shop in the Northside suburbs? If so, I'm an AJC reporter and would like to speak with you. Please reply to

Anonymous said...

A good link on yard sales: Very innovative especially with the RSS feeds they have.