Sunday, May 28, 2006

Marlbrook Ave. - Lake Clair “Moving Sale”

There were actually two sales on Marlbrook nearly side by side. The first was smaller and featured mostly musical instruments an electric guitar, a clarinet and a violin, lots of instruction guides for mastering the instruments as well some tools used for repairing cars, including one of those dollies used to roll around under a car.
I bought nothing.

The other sale two houses down was being held for the sellers were moving to Sri Lanka, a locale not a lot of folks around here relocate to. The principle theme in this yard full of clutter seemed to be play and recreation. Among the sporting goods were skis, a snowboard, tennis rackets, a weight bench, two sleds, roller blades and a bow accompanied by a quiver full of arrows. Showing the down side of such activities the sellers were also divesting themselves f a pair of crutches acquired perhaps after an injury from one of these activities. Piles of children’s playthings littered the yardscape, including a small hill of plush animals, and a pyramid of board games. Among the games were “Where’s Waldo Memory Game”, “Dungeon Dice” and “Twister” Found among a multitude of books stacked on one table were “Peace like a river”, ”Healing with Mind Power”, ”Frogs into Princes”, “Coming Apart”, ”Toxic Parents” and “Money is my Friend”. Crowded in with all this was a table of costume jewelry, several mattresses and a machete.
I bought a xylophone.

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