Thursday, May 11, 2006

Monroe Dr. - Morningside “Yard Sale”

This was in the front yard of a large two story brick traditional home. In the yard was one of those massive brick monoliths that mark the borders of Morningside.
There was a lot of stuff scattered about the yard and most of it was priced very high. On one table in the front was a giant carved wooden carp surrounded by a number of Asian figurines and eight candles shaped like pears. On a tarp I found what appeared to be a voodoo doll with a large booklet of instructions and accompanying packets of herbs and potions, towering above the doll was a large statue of some goddess. One another tar was a copy of “Excuse me your life is waiting”, an inflatable Bozo punching bag, a few plush toys and a pair of lamps. A box on the ground nearby was overflowing with old dress patterns next to it under a tree were two disassembled ceiling fans.
I bought nothing.

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