Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fairview Ave. - Druid Hills “Sale of the Century

While we are only six years into this century such hyperbola as this is unwarranted. This was not a very grand sale by any means. The Druid Hills address made one think such a grand sale could be happening here, but when I reached the yard of this two-story brick traditional home I was disappointed to find that this was no one hundred year sale. There was really nothing extraordinary here at all save for some old copies of American Anthropologist magazine and an old mink coat. Among the assorted clutter were a few large super soaker water guns, a Tascam 4 track tape deck, a coffee maker, some plush toys and some old phones.
Some books were on a table and on a shelf, among them were “The Rasputin File”, “Education of a Princess”, “Wishes, lies and Dreams” and “My Petition for More Space”
I bought nothing.

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