Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seminole Ave. - Inman Park “Yard Sale”

This was a repeat of a sale at this same location nearly a year ago. Showing again were the naked legs of a manikin, a pile of old frames, a collection of antique prints and maps and a large sign painted on a sheet spread across the roof advertising the sale. What pulled me towards the sale was the photo they had run in their Craigslist ad of a gigantic plastic playscape. The playscape was in back of the home occupying the entire driveway leading up to their garage. It seems the owner had acquired it when he came across a McDonald’s being bulldozed. I had dreams of using it in my installation since its shear size would dazzle art lovers from far and wide as well as leave little empty space in the gallery. But the owner wanted $400 for this rescued fast food environment, which is far beyond my art budget. Even if the massive plastic form had been a better price I would have needed a semi-truck to haul it away.
Instead I bought a children’s game that involves a simulation of defrosting an Incan mummy and a pillow shaped like a fish.

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garagesalefodder said...

The McDonald's Play Land would have sold for a bundle on eBay, as well as the mannequin legs.