Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ashland Ave. – Inman Park “Street Sale”

At the corner of Ashland and Hale were five of six sales lining the street. There was the usual assortment of clutter one finds at these collected smaller sales including old computers, clothing mismatched dinnerware and candles shaped like Waster eggs. At the sale where a woman was selling a footbath and a cloth chicken was a sign saying “ask us about the boat”. The boat it seems was an aluminum johnboat covered by vines in the back yard. The seller said the boat had a leak but her husband had fixed it. But she said they had not yet put the boat back in the water to see if the fix worked. She had hoped to turn the boat into a fishpond but her husband had vetoed that idea. When I went to examine the boat she warned me to be careful because some possums were living in it.
I bought the boat.

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