Thursday, May 11, 2006

Winter Ave. - Kirkwood “Yard Sale”

This was advertised in Craigslist as the largest sale in Kirkwood. There must have been no other sales in Kirkwood this day for this was not a large sale by any means. It was not a very interesting sale as well. On one table were a large maglight, a set of poker chips and two coffee makers. On a desk in the middle of the yard were two large TV’s. Some books on the desk included “Fatherhood”, “screw unto others’ and ‘Modern Real Estate Practices”.
Also in the yard were a hamster cage, a big drill press and a doghouse.
In the driveway was a sign indicating that cookies and lemonade were for sale but no child was insight purveying such goods.
I bought nothing.

Screw others then practice real estate.

Dog house for sale in not so large sale in Kirkwood.

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