Friday, May 05, 2006

Densley Dr. - Decatur "Estate Sale"

This Saturday I knew I would be busy helping Cindy with her booth at the Inman Park Festival so I headed directly from work to this sale on the way home. The sale was inside a smallish brick ranch home near Clairmont and N. Decatur. While the owner was not a packrat the home did hold some stuff that depicted an interesting life. Three themes that seemed to be found in every room were art, Indians and the Titanic. As I enter the side door one of the first things to catch my eye was a large wall clock in the shape of a ship’s wheel laid out on the dinning room table. In the center of the wheel was a color print of the ill fated ocean liner. In the living room was a display of the owner created art. The images were simple and na├»ve with a creative use of color and imagery. But the artist appeared to skimp on his use of paint as in most of the works he had used minimal pigment, perhaps to save on expense. Many of the paintings depicted life in some unknown south pacific locale showing villagers at work. One small painting showed an image of a priest either feeding or blessing a flock of geese. Some still life works included a pleasant floral arrangement and a bottle of sake upon a table. One example of the artist portraiture talents depicted the profile of an old Native American. Animals were depicted on several canvases, one featured a happy poodle and another a determined looking bobcat. Mixed in with the artwork was a large painted board depicting the functions of the human heart. It’s origins may have been a long forgotten science project. Upon a series of tables set up in the same room by the resellers I found ceramic cows, canons and rabbits. Mixed in these things was a planter shaped like a cello, a collection of very tiny bottles and two small plastic cowboy boots that may have been drink cozies.
A line of bookcases separated the living room from the dining area. On the shelves were a multitude of cookbooks and popular fiction from the past 30 years. Mixed in with these were “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex”, “Come My Beloved” , “More than Petticoats” and “ Daily Splashes of Joy”. Against one wall of the room was a large old mono RCA HiFi in a glossy wooden cabinet.

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