Sunday, May 28, 2006

Arizona Ave. – Lake Claire “Land Trust Annual Yard Sale”

While this is more of a community flea market and not a sale that allows one to examine the goods of the sellers on their home turf, this event does let one know that those land trust folks are still maintaining their whole earth countercultural lifestyles. Every year I wander up to this sale at the entrance of this funky urban dreamscape to peruse what many of my earthier neighbors no longer wish to possess. A lot of the stuff this year as in years past always looks like it been kept in a damp basement for 12 years. But a few newer items do creep in. I come for the overall landscape of the clutter here. I was particularly impressed with the arrangement of cast off clothing randomly arranged before of a mountain of wood chips. Other goods were piled in wheelbarrows. Gerry rigged tables made from doors and other building materials held broken lamps, cassette tapes on how to play the penny whistle, old jars of home made apple butter, empty honey containers, feminist literature and disassembled ceiling fans.
When I checked out to buy a large tie died hat the cashier asked me if I wanted to buy a raffle ticket. She directed me to two lads who looks of kindergarten age who were vending tickets for a chance to win a case of beer and dinner at the Flying Biscuit.
I need to go back and see if the ticket I purchased is a winner.

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