Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Harold Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I had a feeling I had been at this sale before but a lot of the remaining smaller homes on this street look alike. Perhaps that’s why they’ve torn down nearly all of them. In the yard on grass and on tables was a selection of women’s clothes, novelties books and videotapes. Among the more interesting stuff was a candle in the shape of Lenin’s head, make-up from the Manic Panic boutique, a transparent pair of Doc Martin style boots, a plastic cow and one of those ergonomically designed but highly unused computer chairs from the 80’s. Scattered about were a number of graphic novels and dungeon and dragon looking toys. A large suitcase held an assortment of unremarkable VHS tapes including Dogma, K-Pax, Meet Joe Black and the remarkably bad Earth Girls are Easy. In a plastic bin was an assortment of books among them was “ The Big Sleep”, “The Pharmacist’s Mate”, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” and the “The Art and History of Frames”.
I bought nothing.

Cow in a basket.

See thru boots.

Wax Lenin and bunnies.

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