Monday, June 19, 2006

Hurt St. - Inman Park “Yard Sale”

This was a larger sale crowded into the front yard of a two-story turn of the century manor house. On the curb were a pair of bikes one bedecked with Buddhist prayer flags. On the front steps was an inflatable figure of Munch’s Scream. On the front walk way I found four large boxes filled with books. The seller was offering three free books to anyone attending the sale. In the boxes I saw “Easy Enchantments”, “American Folk Magick”, “Teen Witch”, “Ride a Silver Broomstick”, “The Hidden Meaning of Dreams” and “Witchin’ A Handbook for Teen Witches”

Tables containing all manner of small clutter lined the perimeter of the yard. Upon them I found a set of Titania’s Spell cards for health and happiness, three decks of playing cards, a set of Svengali Magic cards, a small ceramic rabbit wearing a bow tie, a clock with dice for numerals, and a kit for growing ornamental grass. On the ground were a pile of board games including Into the Forest- nature’s food chain game, Scrupples and Quickword. I took three of the free books.

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